Types Of Research Sources

I want to talk about two types of sources here there’s a lot of different ways to categorize sources but I’m going to look at just these two some sources give you basic information and help you narrow your topic so back which we talked about with the topic selection if you have an initial topic idea and you want to just kind of inform yourself a little bit more about that topic before you feel confident even doing in-depth research about it you can do that and this is where encyclopedias can be helpful and I’m talking about Wikipedia here. Read more about using and working with sources onĀ Edusson.

Wikipedia actually could be helpful if this step and a lot of people say no PD is evil not evil it’s just not a source that you probably want to cite in your finished paper but it can be really good for helping you just get some background information about a topic and that’s true for any encyclopedia then the other type of source and these are the more specific more in-depth sources a very narrow topic focus I put scholarly and peer-reviewed in quotes here because you’ll see that those are words that your professors use a lot they’ll say you know you need to have five peer-reviewed sources in your paper you need to have five scholarly sources and by the way let me just pause for a second peer-reviewed means that a more usually to two or more people from the field that the author works in have read whatever it is the article or the book and they read it and said okay this makes sense I approve it it fits in with you know the current thinking in our field that’s what peer review means so that authors peers have reviewed the work and approved of it so your.

So your professors will sometimes use that term so these kinds of sources they’re the ones it might be a little bit more difficult to read but they’re the ones that are really going to make your argument stronger and these are the ones that you should that should be appearing in your paper in the form of quotes and paraphrases I want to make an important clarification here because I’ve just talked about two different types of sources if this is this is just true across the board if you use words or ideas from a source directly in your paper you paraphrase you quoted you must cite that source and if you’re not sure if you really directly use it if in doubt cite it now sometimes occasionally this happens if you use the source early on in your research process to help inform you about a topic maybe help you narrow your topic down but you ended up not really using the ideas of that source in your paper check with your professor as to whether you should cite it there’s really two philosophies about citing you can do a work cited or you can do it works consulted and I’m not going to go into what all that means.