Looking For Sources

Some professors want you to list every source that you even looked at during the process others will say only list the ones that appear in your paper so just just talk to them about that that’s an important conversation have let’s just remember if in doubt cite all right so let’s talk about some ideas for where to look for sources talk to your professor now do not expect your professors to do your research for you that is not their job but sometimes if you’re stuck they can help you on point you in the right direction. Discover more articles about sources and how to use them at Edusson.

It’s especially important if you are writing a thesis very dissertation you want to talk to a trusted professor about like what is you know the main source that I should be citing on this topic and then if I don’t cite it it’s going to mean a big gap or hole in my research so they can give you some ideas some professors actually put a list of suggested sources in the syllabus so so take a look at your syllabus and see if you have something like that use the sources that your other sources cite this is one place where Wikipedia is actually really helpful because you don’t want to cite Wikipedia in your academic paper but Wikipedia at least they’re really good articles has endnotes so you can see where the author of the article got the information from and so a lot of times people have found really good journal articles and books by looking at the end notes on a Wikipedia article so take a look at that it could give you some really good sources.

If you are using a particular book or journal article and it has a list of references or bibliography at the end maybe use some of those sources that that person cited called cross referencing and it’s a really smart thing to do use the jerry falwell library’s resources as I said I’m not going to take the time to go into these in depth but there are all kinds of resources for you as an online student you can borrow journal articles through interlibrary loan there’s all kinds of instant access things in databases there are ebooks you can even get a physical copy of a book through interlibrary loan which paces shipping all kinds of things that you can do so please take advantage of those on the library’s got some good tutorials too for helping you figure that out Ralph’s a local library or bookstore I know sometimes it just is nice to actually be looking at some physical books that you can pick up and you know sometimes you run into sources you might not have even thought about just by looking at the the books that are on the shelf next to the book that that you were looking for so take some time to do and then talk to others interested in the topic you’re writing.