Immersing Into Research

if you make your outline very formal we’re document whatever it is keep it in a place where you’re going to see it constantly while you’re writing your paper it’s going to help with a couple things it’ll help to keep you motivated if you can see the ending of the paper written out that last point it’s going to help you want to keep moving forward hopefully it will prevent you from going off-topic if you find yourself writing about something or maybe writing a really long paragraph and you think wait a minute should I be talking about all this you can go back to your outline and check it and see does this really match up with what I’m you know with what I’m saying match up with my outline if not you probably shouldn’t be going there. Find out how to immerse yourself onĀ Edusson.

And then it also helps you move forward when you get stuck if you come to the end of a subtopic and you think okay I’ve run out of things to say about this where do I next if you’ve got that outline written you can see clearly where you’re supposed to go next so kind of like your thesis statement it’s the map for your paper and really I think that outlines are meant to help the writer more than the reader so make sure it’s something that’s really going to help you alright let us talk now about sources I’m going to try here not to overlap with things that you might have already heard in a library workshop I’m not going to go really in depth about where to find sources because that’s that’s the library’s field but I’m going to talk a little bit about how to use your source as well now one thing I should stay here is that all throughout the research process you are also all throughout the processes of planning and writing a paper you should be doing research there’s not really.

I like to say there’s not a time when you start or stop doing research it’s just you should be really immersing yourself in the topic that you’re writing about you should be reading constantly I think the biggest mistake that people make with research papers if they try to write the paper first and then go back in and insert this verses and that causes all kinds of problems for one thing a lot of times as sources they find those quotes are really not going to be relevant they might not understand a quotes and you can I know the professor can certainly tell that they’ve just been sort of stuck in there to meet the required quota of quotes or paraphrases so there’s that but also people get stuck as you sit down and you try to maybe this has happened to you before if you tried to start you know drafting your paper and you haven’t done any reading yet you’re not going to know what to say and so really you should be reading and doing a research all the way through this process.