Evaluating Internet Sources

If you`re writing about a career that you’re interested in and you know somebody that works in that career talk to people in that career and say okay what are some of the best journals in this field what are some books that I that are you know indispensable reading and talk to them so this should give you a lot of different ideas of where to look for sources evaluating sources this is really really important especially because we have the internet and people can post just about anything they want to on the Internet and so it’s really even more important today than it ever was before to know how to tell if the source is good or not so I’m going to repeat this point I’ve made several times follow the assignment instructions your professor might give you some restrictions about what you can cite and not cite. Prepare well for your assignment with Edusson.

They might say don’t use any sources older than 10 years old they might say only use peer-reviewed sources things like that so pay attention to that learn what an appropriate source looks like in your field this can vary widely for example in I achieve using like Social Sciences like psychology and counseling as an example I know that in those fields you don’t want to be citing anything that’s older really than a lot of times ten years or even even shorter than that whereas in my field which is literature I can cite a much older source and you know I can play Shakespeare and nobody cares of Shakespeare’s five hundred years old because he’s not going to go out and date so learn what an appropriate source looks like in your field some fields are a lot more receptive and okay with citing websites than others so just and the way that you learn this talk your professors and also read journal articles in your field and see what kinds of sources they cite here are a couple things to be especially careful with I already mentioned why you should be careful with encyclopedias.

They’re just way too broad and shallow be careful with websites because you know websites are not peer reviewed I haven’t gone through any kind of review process anybody can create a blog these days with WordPress so just be really careful if it’s accom you know they’re probably trying to sell you something so you should keep that in mind okay dot edu it could be a university website it could be really good or it could be a kindergarten classes website so just pay attention to that dot Gove’s are usually pretty good and objective because they have you know usually just government statistics on them dot orgs it depends on the organization you know so just just be aware know how to look for if for example if the website has a lot of errors in it factual errors misspellings it may not be reliable so to just be aware of those kind of thing at all connection of the reason for that in a second.