Building Points on Assumptions

If somebody you know is basing one of their main points on on an assumption make sure you can figure out what that assumption is and it’s you know see if it’s really a valid assumption or not this really requires critical thinking when you evaluate a source and if it doesn’t look like it’s reliable or if it looks like it’s just really really too biased in one direction and doesn’t even consider the opposite point of view probably don’t want to cite that in your paper okay now let’s talk about integrating the sources how do you actually use them in your paper this is one of the like I said one of the biggest mistakes that people make they try to cite a source that they have not first read and understood in a believe me. Find out more about critical thinking onĀ Edusson.

I’ve seen some papers where I can tell the person just said okay here’s a quote it’s got a keyword in it that I think is relevant to my paper so I’m just going to stick it in here they don’t know the context of the quote and they really don’t understand what the author’s trying to say that is that completely defeats the purpose of a research paper research paper assumes you’ve done the research first and you understand what these authors are trying to stay really you want to think of research as a conversation the authors are speaking in interacting with each other and you yourself as a scholar are joining that conversation and so you make sure you understand what the other people are saying so on the other hand though don’t overwhelm yourself it’s a lot of your sources let’s say are our full books you probably don’t have time or need to read the entirety of the book so make sure that you can find the chapters that are most relevant to your topic.

So that you have a manageable amount of research to do and then as you read take meaningful notes you can do this however you want to some people like to still do handwritten note cards some people I take notes a Word document other people like to highlight and write notes in their margin although that rule does not really give you a whole lot of room but there are all different ways to do this I said your meaningful notes because you don’t want to take a note on everything you want to you know be be sparing lesson notes you take is this something that you’re really going to be able to use in the paper and do you really understand the note that you’re taking that’s important too you can if there’s a quote that really stands out to you and you’re like wow I want to use this exact quote fine write that down but most the time when you’re taking notes you should be trying to put it in your own words.