About Us

Mission Statement

To enable students to integrate sound, higher-education academics with a creative worldview, so that whether they serve in the marketplace, they will effectively:

    • learn
    • read
    • write


  • Be equipped for lifestyle evangelism
  • Be able to articulate a reasoned defense of the faith
  • Be committed to the Great Commission
  • Have had ample opportunities to hear and respond to the Gospel
  • Develop a more personal, on-going, vital relationship with parents
  • Deepen their commitment to the study
  • Gain a significant level of different knowledge
  • Integrate sound academics with a creative worldview
  • Cultivate a life of student, worship, and community
  • Achieve insight into the gifts and talents
  • Be equipped with the academic skills and professional effectiveness that gives them credibility in the marketplace
  • Be committed to Winning, Discipling, and Sending others